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Please find below user guides for SUS and BI


SUS user guide

BI user guide     Revised Document 19th August 2014



Should you wish to access one of the applications supported by the Jaguar Land Rover Portal, please be advised that these applications have been cloned from Ford Motor Company and therefore you may continue to see Ford logos, material and other applications. When accessing the applications through the Jaguar Land Rover Supplier Portal, suppliers are advised to assume these references also relate to Jaguar Land Rover policies and processes.

The exception to this guidance is references to Ford Q1, which is a Ford Motor Company trustmark and does not relate to Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar Land Rover have launched our own supplier quality awards programme called JLRQ which is separate from Ford Q1. 

If you notice a new application package with the words "Test Application".

Please be advised this is a development application only and is not available for general use. Please do not request access to this application as a rejection e-mail will be generated automatically.

As changes are implemented, you will be advised on an application-by-application basis.