Welcome to the GSI Portal

Why do I need to nominate a Self Help Champion (SHC)

Self-Help is a fully operational Jaguar Land Rover supplier directive which is managed by the Global Supplier Integration (GSI) team through the Global Supplier Community Portal.

This directive enables suppliers to take full responsibility (ultimate ownership with the Self-Help Champion - SHC) for their own progress through the end to end stages of their connectivity & capability obligations

  • Enabling you to take control of your own needs
  • Respond to customer requirements quicker
  • Reduce bureaucratic processes
  • Ensures a lean approach to supplier integration
  • A single point of contact for all integration issues (SHC)

The role of Self Help Champion

The supplier should have identified a Leader as their Self-Help Champion. The Self-Help Champion must be empowered to ensure the execution of the supplier's site on-boarding timings and integration objectives are met.

  • Can you remove (or escalate) road-blocks to ensure all tasks leading to effective collaboration are executed?
  • Are you able to make positive changes to your companies working processes in line with changing JLR requirements?
  • Are you able influence rapid changes to your IT set up?
  • Are you able to influence (within various departments) training requirements for JLR software applications?

These are multi-functional tasks. The SHC is not expected to execute each and every task. The role is to ensure these tasks happen quickly and effectively.

Register the Self Help Champion on the GSI portal

Once your company has identified it's Self Help Champion you must inform GSI so we can create an account for the GSI Portal.

Send send an email to JLRGSIT@jaguarlandrover.com with the following information:

  • Supplier site Name
  • Supplier site Vendor master code
  • Self Help Champion Name
  • Self Help Champion eMail
  • Self Help Champion Phone

The team will then generate an account and forward the log in details to the Champion.

For any queries please contact the team directly at JLRGSIT@jaguarlandrover.com

How to use the portal

Once logged in to the portal there are some comprehensive user guides published within.

GSI have also published a useful video to help users navigate and use the portal here