In the first instance and for any commercial queries, please contact your Jaguar Land Rover Purchasing team

For any queries related to the JLR Customs Process for exporting from the EU to the UK, please email

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  Government Information 



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UK Government Brexit Landing Page

UK Government guide to the Automotive Industry

UK Government updates on the trade agreements completed with non-EU countries

Declaring reusable packaging for Great Britain imports and exports




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Guidance to apply to settlement scheme
IEmployer toolkits for suppliers to support EU employees


 EU Agencies


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Link to the National Customs Websites for each EU country
E-Learning Course for suppliers to learn about EORI numbers


Customs, excise, VAT & Regulation


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 How businesses can prepare for the Customs Declaration Service (CDS)
 All you need to know if you are going to import for the first time
 To move goods into or out of the EU you will need an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to apply for one, and you can find more information below:  
For business that send personal data between the UK and the EU: how can you put in place Standard Contractual Clauses (for transfers to another company) or Binding Corporate Rules (for transfers within your company)

Consolidated guidance on importing and exporting post Brexit

Supplier Communication

Communications Issued

April 2022: HMRC guidance on Safety & Security requirements from 1st July 2022  UPDATE 28/04: HMRC HAVE DELAYED THIS IMPLEMENTATION

December 2022: Post Brexit: Supplier Requirements - Supplier Communication V5*

*Updated from V2 to include reference to Indirect Purchasing & Prototypes

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FCA Production V12 DDU/DAP Production V9
DDP Production V4 FCA Aftermarket V11
DDU/DAP Aftermarket V9 DDP Aftermarket V5
DDU & DDP Ex-Seller's Warehouse V4

Directed Supplier DDP Production V4 

FCA Premium Freight V9 FCA Prototype V9
Indirect Purchasing V3 (all incoterms)   


Magna Steyr V4  

Gold Standard Commercial Invoice for Suppliers


Full Postal Addresses for JLR Plants in the UK