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Welcome to the Jaguar Land Rover Vendor Master Page.

As an established vendor to Jaguar Land Rover, the vendor data we hold is critical to Governance, Risk & Compliance.  It is important that this information is kept up to date.

This page has been developed to help our supplier partners inform us of any changes to their supply chain and to provide process guidance to JLR Buying Teams

Below you will find guides that will aid you in completing the necessary documentation Jaguar Land Rover require to enact changes to supplier data.

Please take the time to review this information so that the JLR Vendor Master Team can process any changes you require quickly and accurately.

Complete the latest webform by clicking the button to the right, please ensure you complete all mandatory fields.



If you require any further information on vendor set up or master data amendments, please refer to our FAQ section below or alternatively email jlrvend@jaguarlandrover.com.

We operate a case management system and aim to respond to all queries within two working days. Please reference your case number when corresponding with the Vendor Master team.


The webform only uses Chrome, Firefox & Edge, if you not able to attach, use an alternative web browser.  If that is not successful please contact jlrvend@jaguarlandrover.com
Any errors, mistakes or missing information on the webform once submitted to the vendor team, can not be corrected.  If the vendor team is unable to process due to this situation, a new request will need to raised. (You can't amend your request once it has been submitted)

Please direct all other supplier related queries relating to this supplier portal to jlrcovis@jaguarlandrover.com



This page is currently only available for Production and Aftermarket Suppliers, if you are a unique Non-Production supplier, please discuss your vendor structure with your JLR buyer

Process Flow

♦ Detailed Process flow for - New - Production Code(s)                                                                                                                            ♦ Detailed Process flow for - Amendment - Production Code(s)

How to Complete the Document/Useful Guidelines


► What information is required on the form                      ► Example of a supporting letterhead                                                             ► Defining a Supply Chain

► Example of a completed form                                          ► Example of a Name Change Certificate                                  

General Questions and Who to contact

General Question and who to contact      if your question does not appear, please contact your JLR buyer or  JLRVEND@jaguarlandrover.com