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If you are an eRMA application, you are already aware of the fast approaching replacement for this application.  The information below may have already been communicated to you by the RMA project team, but to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest information, please ensure you have read the below messages/information.

7th April Project status update

The RMA Business Launch has now changed and will be early May with the exact date to be confirmed and communicated soon.


Further progress has been made on RMA and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is now complete. A couple of further enhancements were identified during UAT which the team are looking to implement as part of the end solution to ensure a robust solution is delivered from day one.


Training is still continuing at a pace. All our suppliers have either been trained or scheduled on to a training course. An additional date has been provided on the 20th of April as a mop up session. Please ensure that at least one member of your organisation has attended training.

Stop | Start | Continue

Look out for a series of communications as we approach the May launch which will provide detailed information on when to stop using the eRMA system, what actions are required during cut-over and when to start using the new RMA system.

Continued: Working on current MSS and use eRMA for the processing of orders and ASNs until further notice


For raw material suppliers, ASNs should be processed via EDI. For those suppliers unable to send ASNs by EDI on day one an interim process should be used using a flat file XL format. The XL template will be provided by the end of next week.

Questions and Answers

Thank you for all those who have attended training and provided feedback so far.  Any questions that have been are being tracked and will be answered and made available during training or future comms.

Current business related queries are being directed to: -  ermajlr@jaguarlandrover.com


The RM and T1 user guides for the new RMA applications can be found on the applications tab (https://jlr.portal.covisint.com/web/portal/applications) with the JLR portal


JLR Supplier Portal

         Welcome to the Jaguar Land Rover Supplier Portal                           
Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is a business built around two great British car brands that design, engineer and manufacture in the UK. Jaguar Cars Limited and Land Rover are subsidiaries of Tata Motors Limited, which is India's largest vehicle manufacturer.
The Jaguar Brand is founded on a long history of distinctive cars offering a unique blend of style, performance, refinement, prestige and affordability.
Our aim is to build on this tradition by reinterpreting the values that made the Jaguar legend
  • Contemporary, forward looking, distinctive design
  •  "Performance" driving experience
  • Appropriate application of technology
  • Modern interpretation of luxury
  • Quality in all attributes
We will be a relevant premium competitor, desired by customers for stimulating performance and captivating style.
Land Rover's vision is to be the world's leading brand for inspiring, creating and delivering a spirit of adventure. This is a bold and shared insight of what Land Rover can be, that inspires and stretches everyone to deliver extraordinary results for our customers.  
Delivering this vision means being true to our Brand Values in everything we do: Authenticity, Supremacy, Courage, Worldly and Adventurous.
At Jaguar Land Rover we consider our suppliers to be integral to our success as a business. Our supplier partnerships help us to develop products that surprise and delight our customers and deliver our brand visions.
We continually work to strengthen our relationships with our suppliers so that we can establish and maintain long-term business relationships that benefit both parties.


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